The Alex Cole Band is a pop-rock trio from Orlando, Florida. The trio’s sound is a hybrid of alternative, rock, indie, jazz, and funk; all of which is channeled through Cole’s distinct pop sensibility. The trio’s textured, colorful pop is welcoming, absorbing, and contagious.


Alex Cole is the lead vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist. Cole’s lyrics are recognized for their deep emotion and are rooted in poignant melodies. Cole’s ability to intelligently explore the human heart lends itself to a connection of understanding between artist and listener; a relationship that is mutually beneficial.


Alongside Cole sits, “vocussionist” and long-time friend, Josh Padilla; otherwise known as “Tonz”. Tonz brings a unique quality of energy and spunk to the group along with feel good harmonies that are sure to bring a smile. Alex Cole and Tonz have been performing live together ever since High School, where they met in 2008.


Bassist, Matt Duarte joined the duo in August of 2015 and is an electrifying addition to their sound. Matt comes all the way from Brazil and brings the fun, the excitement and musicality from the land of Carnaval! Experienced musician and music producer, Matt also adds some different spice and flavor to the mix.


The band is currently performing extensively throughout central Florida, performing songs from Cole’s previous solo albums, City Lights 2013 and Venom & Honey 2015. The group has been collaborating and writing new material and plans to record their first original album as The Alex Cole Band in 2016.ALEX COLE BAND